The Whore Queens

Recapping Past Adventures

Hiya everypony! Dawn here to give a quick recap of all the events that have happened since I got here. Well to begin, I kinda got teleported here by some strange creature I had never seen before. It was all strange and all its legs were different from one another, like they came from different animals. Anyway, long story short I ended up falling out of the sky into this strange new world. I sorta may had landed on my soon to be best friend here, but it was an accident!! (She almost goddamned killed me on that one! -Narylle) Either way the first time I got here I couldn’t understand a thing she was saying. Somehow she found a way to understand me, but that wasn’t what mattered. I needed to get out of this crazy place. I was so desperate to get home I flew straight up into the sky. That’s when I say the incoming storm, oh that’s another thing storms here in this world completely change the land around, it’s so weird. Regardless I explained to Narylle, that is her name by the way, what I had seen and I got the impression from her that it was time to go. We ended up making our way to this small little human town. We stayed the night in the inn, and could you believe it Narylle tried putting a silly muzzle thing full of oats on me. I guess she hadn’t realized I was sentient yet or something of that sort. Wow, this is getting really long I’ll cut it off here.




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